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Welcome to my online portfolio, inspired by metro UI design trends and emerging web technologies.

My name is Sam Wolski. I’m a UI/UX designer and developer. I take common web languages, libraries and technologies and I combine them in ways that produce efficient and easy-to-use websites and web-applications.

My Work




Thanks for taking the time to look at some of my work, would you like to read some More Info About Me? You can also Get In Touch with me on this site.

About Me

I specialise in creating the finer points of user experience, making big data accessible and using it to tell meaniful stories that can be used in real-world applications. I'm also an avid supporter of open source movements.

Currently, I work for a university-based development unit that deals with the discovery and delivery of data produced by Australian research projects.

Contact Me

I appreciate any comments, encouragements or criticisms. If you’d like to send me any feedback, or if you have a new project you’d like to share with me, I can be contacted using the form on this page!


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